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Church Finances

The cost of running and maintaining our Church is substantial. The reality is that in 2015 it was necessary to raise about £137,000 just to cover the costs of keeping the Church running.

No longer are central funds available to support the running of our church and It is therefore beholden on the parishioners to fund the costs of running of the church, both for annual running costs as well as for repairs and improvements to the building itself.

In Wisborough Green, we can be proud that we are one of the few parishes in the Chichester Diocese that have managed to provide very close to 100% of the finance needed to run the church. This includes all costs, including the Vicar's salary and pension contribution - the only exception being the costs of maintenance of the Vicarage building which are covered by the Diocese.   This success has been wholly due to generous giving from the church community and others within the village by regular giving and making use of the tax efficient schemes that are available for charitable giving purposes. For more detail, see Accounts.

From time to time major repairs or improvements are required and it is at these times that, as a village, we all have to take responsibility for the continuing existence of our wonderful church building.   It is therefore necessary to undertake some major fundraising from time to time to cover these additional costs. For example, a new project, which has been triggered by the need for a toilet in the church, has been in the course of preparation for some time and more information can be found under Projects.

Please see Fundraising and Church Stewardship for more information on funding including how you might help in any small or larger way towards the financial challenges that come with supporting and maintaining this beautiful building and the work that goes on within and around it.

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