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Reordering and Modernising Project

A major project, triggered initially by the need to install toilet facilities and a small catering area in the church, has been under discussion for several years.

On 19th March, 2014, The worshipful Mark Hill QC, Chancellor of the Diocese and Official Principal of the Right Reverend Martin by the Divine Permission Lord Bishop of Chichester, in the Consistory Court of the Diocese of Chichester granted St Peter's a Faculty to re-order the church to include the following aspects:

1.  Installation of a disabled access toilet into the present vicar's vestry 

2.  Provision of new vestries for the vicar and choir at the rear of the north and south aisles within the body of the church

3.  Enlarge and rework the turning circle by the north entrance and simplify the step

4.  Add catering facilities 

Drainage WorksThe external drainage works and the reworking of the driveway took place in May 2014 utilising funds that had been raised at that time. 

Re-figuring the internal space of the church will allow us to put a disabled access toilet into the present vestry and to provide a new Vicar's and Choir vestry within the body of the church. We also plan to simplify the steps into the church and to add internal glass doors which will allow light in and keep draughts out.

We have been very fortunate to be able to appoint Mel Howes, a well respected glass artist from West Sussex, to design and prepare the glass screens which will create the two new vestries and it is intended that these will be of significant quality to be an appropriate addition in keeping with quality of the beautiful building, whilst representing the artistic skills available in the 21st century.

At the same time, the organ will be dismantled and removed from the church for cleaning and necessary repairs, before being reinstated in a slightly raised position above the existing vicar's vestry.  It is also proposed that a servery with catering facilities will be installed at the back of the church in a form that will conceal the facilities when not in use.

This is an exciting and challenging project which, following the receipt of a significant legacy for the purpose, is now moving forward with the intention of being fully implemented in 2017.

Updated November 2016


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